Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 Take on Turkey as Andrea Bonacorsi Sets Sights on EMX250 Crown

Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 Take on Turkey as Andrea Bonacorsi Sets Sights on EMX250 Crown

The Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 teams are gearing up for the last three rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship.
The 17th round of 19 will take place in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey, this weekend.
The Turkish Grand Prix will also host the ninth and penultimate round of the EMX250 Championship, presenting Hutten Metaal Yamaha Official EMX250’s Andrea Bonacorsi with his first opportunity to secure the EMX250 title.
Bonacorsi currently holds a commanding 54-point lead over his closest rival.
Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Jeremy Seewer is riding high on his recent success, having secured his fifth podium finish in The Netherlands less than two weeks ago.
The Swiss sensation is determined to maintain momentum as he sets his sights on securing an MXGP Championship medal.
Seewer fought for the round win in Turkey last year and aims to repeat that feat this year.
He is currently third in the championship standings and holds a comfortable 52-point advantage over his teammate, Glenn Coldenhoff, who is in fourth place.
Coldenhoff tied on points for the Grand Prix win in Turkey in 2019 and is eager to achieve another strong result this weekend.
While he has not felt at his best in Turkey over the past few years, he feels that this year he is better prepared.
However, he has been battling illness for the past ten days.
Despite this setback, ‘The Hoff’ remains determined to give his all, and his goal has not changed; he wants to be on the box.
Maxime Renaux celebrated an emphatic race win at the Turkish Grand Prix last year during his rookie season.
Although he is still recovering from a foot injury sustained at the Spanish Grand Prix in May, the talented Frenchman is looking forward to racing, where his goal remains to gradually improve his race fitness and performance.
In MX2, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2’s Jago Geerts has displayed immense determination and resilience throughout an unlucky year.
Despite missing four rounds through injury and racing through pain and discomfort for the majority of the second half of the season, Geerts remains focused on securing a championship medal.
He currently sits in third place in the standings and is still the most accomplished MX2 rider in 2023.
This season, the Yamaha ace has celebrated 11 race wins and nine podium finishes, of which six were Grand Prix wins.
Rick Elzinga is eager to return to the gate after dislocating his shoulder at his home grand prix two weeks ago.
Although his shoulder is not fully recovered, the Dutchman believes it is in good enough condition to race safely and competitively.
His goal remains the same – to continue learning and gaining experience as he progresses in his rookie MX2 season.
Excitement is building in the EMX250 class as Andrea Bonacorsi edges closer to the championship crown.
If the Italian finishes ahead of Kay Karsemakkers and Cas Valk this weekend, he will be crowned champion regardless of their results.
At the same time, the team is also excited for the return of Karlis Reisulis, who is currently ninth in the standings after missing two rounds due to injury.

Jeremy Seewer
3rd MXGP Championship Standings, 652-points
“I honestly used the weekend off to recover, and then in the weekend, I went to F1 in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. It was really cool to be there behind the scenes seeing how they operate and stuff. Now, I’m back to business and will be riding hard packed tracks this week to prepare for Turkey. The track there is not my favourite, but it’s hard pack and usually I am good on hard pack. I’m positive and looking forward to it. Last year, I just missed out on a GP win, it was quite tight, but I was on the box, so that will be the goal again this year; to have fun and enjoy it.”

Glenn Coldenhoff
4th MXGP Championship Standings, 600-points
“Actually, I got sick Tuesday after Arnhem, and I’m still sick. Didn’t do so much, just trying to recover. I hope that I can do some training still this week. I like the track there. I have had some good and bad races there. I feel like we are more prepared this year then in the previous years. My goal is the same: I want to be on the podium.”

Maxime Renaux
10th MXGP Championship Standings, 260-points
“I had a good weekend off. I was happy to have some time off to allow my foot to recover a bit more. It has not been 100% since I returned, and it is still not 100%, but I’m getting there. We’re on track, and this is the goal: to gradually inch closer to 100%. I like the track in Turkey. Actually, I have some great memories there, especially winning a race there last year in my rookie season. I’m looking forward to going back there, and hopefully, I can be on the box, but of course, with my current situation, I will race without expectation and will remain focused on returning to 100%.”

Jago Geerts
3rd MX2 Championship Standings, 603-points
“It was nice to have a weekend off. I needed some more time on the bike so I did two days of riding. My shoulder is not perfect, but it’s getting better and better. I can ride without pain, but the muscles are still a bit sore, especially after riding. Afyon is not my favourite track on the calendar, but I have had some good results there over the last few years, so I guess it suits me. The goal this weekend is to fight for the podium.”

Rick Elzinga
10th MX2 Championship Standings, 325-points
“After Arnhem, I took some time off to recover, and this week I tested my shoulder on the bike. It’s good enough to ride, maybe a little bit weak, but it will be okay. I like the track in Turkey, it’s quite nice and I enjoyed racing it as a wildcard in MX2 last year, even though I was quite sick there and didn’t race the final race because of it. But I did like the track, so I look forward to seeing what I can do there this year, where my goal will be the same as it has been at every round this year. I just want to do my best, and gain as much experience racing in MX2 as I can.”

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