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The European Minifootball Federation SUPER SERBIA INTO THEIR FIRST FINAL

The European Minifootball Federation SUPER SERBIA INTO THEIR FIRST FINAL

The European Minifootball Federation (EMF) has been the driving force behind the growth of minifootball in Europe. Founded in 2012, the federation is registered as a non-profit association in Prague and Budapest. Since its inception, the EMF EURO has evolved into one of the premier tournaments in minifootball, showcasing the highest level of skill, teamwork, and competition. The first EMF EURO took place in 2012 in Moldova, setting the stage for what would become a tradition in European minifootball. Each tournament has brought unforgettable matches and many beautiful memories, attracting fans from all around Europe and the world. 

This year’s European Minifootball Championship is held in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We started off the championship with 24 teams and one by one they fell out of the tournament. We went through the group stage and moved on to the first knockout stage where we had 16 teams. In the quarter-finals the number was split in half, in the semi-finals two teams made it further. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow during the finals, since the tournament so far has had so many unexpected turnovers.

This year’s hosts, Bosnia and Herzegovina, did not make it past the quarter-finals, however this was a great success for the team, and with a packed stadium at all of their games, they definitely brought the energy of the championship to another level.

At the last EMF EURO in 2022Azerbaijan won their first European title in a thrilling final against Romania. However, last EMF’s victor lost a game against Kazakhstan, and they went on to play against Romania, where they were defeated during the penalties. Throughout the tournament Romania had one tie game, and in the rest of the matches they thrived as a team, making themselves one of the biggest competitors here.

The second semi-final pair was France and Serbia, in which Serbia won by 5:0. The Serbian team was a huge surprise this year, with the same success as Romania, only one tie game and all other victories, we honestly do not know who this year’s champion might be.

Tomorrow in the finals we will have a match between Serbia and Romania, and going for third place we will see France and KazakhstanStay tuned for tomorrow to find out who will be the European Minifootball Champion of 2024. 



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