Powering up for MXGP Glory: Jeremy Seewer and Rick Elzinga Test Yamaha’s MORO 07 eMTB

Powering up for MXGP Glory: Jeremy Seewer and Rick Elzinga Test Yamaha’s MORO 07 eMTB

Powered by electricity and built for performance and fun, it’s like all of our mountain bike prayers have been answered.
Gone are the days of all work and no play.
On an eMountain Bike it’s all play and no work!
Quick to put this theory to the test, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Jeremy Seewer and Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2’s Rick Elzinga, took the opportunity to put the all-new Yamaha MORO 07 eMountain Bike through its paces.
Heading out at the BE-Mine Mountain Bike Park in Beringen, Belgium, Seewer and Elzinga pushed the limits of the all-new Yamaha MORO 07, while learning how it can improve their skills for motocross.
With its electric assistance, this bike provided an extra surge of power, allowing the riders to conquer challenging terrain, hit bigger jumps, and tackle their favorite mountain bike trails at a quicker pace.
But it’s not just about the power. Motocross is a sport that requires finesse and control, and the MORO 07 delivered on that front as well.
Seewer and Elzinga found that the bike helped them fine-tune their skills, such as cornering speed, balance, and control, just like in motocross.
They were able to push their limits and master the most technical sections of the trail, all while enjoying the ride.
Durability is key, and the MORO 07 stood up to the challenge.
Designed to handle rugged terrain and technical trails, this bike is built to withstand anything that comes its way.
Seewer and Elzinga trust in the MORO 07 to handle the toughest conditions, allowing them to focus on unleashing their inner “mad dogs” on the track.
With the level of competition in MXGP continually rising, it’s exciting to see riders like Seewer and Elzinga break free from traditional training methods and embrace game-changing innovations like the MORO 07.
As the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 teams strive for new heights of success, this eMTB is sure to play a crucial role in their journey.

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