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Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour at Vibo Valentia

Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour at Vibo Valentia

The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour is in full swing as it reaches the warm and welcoming region of Calabria, specifically Vibo Marina, for the fourth leg of this extensive “pink circuit” spanning from Genoa to Venice.

From yesteday until tomorrow, Saturday, July 15, the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour opens the doors of its Race Village to the public, providing yet another exciting encounter between elite sailing and ocean enthusiasts in this beautiful corner of our peninsula. It’s a true itinerant show combining wind, sea, and various other experiences that represent the best of our “Made in Italy.”

In terms of sporting achievements, the event has already gained momentum with additional points awarded in the offshore category for the Beneteau Figaro 3 fleet during the third leg from Naples to Vibo Marina. This challenge started two days ago in Naples and was once again won by the City of Genoa crew (Matteo Sericano and Giovanni Licursi), following their previous victory in the La Maddalena-Naples stage.

Due to light winds, the offshore race from Naples necessitated a course reduction, with the finish line set at Capo Bonifati lighthouse. Behind the leaders, the Carta Giovani team (Giulia Fametani and Stefano Westerman) arrived with a delay of 3 hours and 14 minutes, while Marco Augelli and Francisco Gonzales Sanchez aboard Acone Associati settled for third place, trailing Carta Giovani by 26 minutes.

With this double victory, the City of Genoa now leads the overall standings with a slim one-point advantage over Acone Associati, the closest contender. The provisional third place is currently held by the team from the City of Taranto (Carlo Campatella and Mirco Babini), who emerged as the winners of the first leg from Genoa to La Maddalena.

Giovanni Licursi stated, “It was a truly challenging race in terms of strategy, but our somewhat risky approach turned out to be the best. We can certainly say that we won this race more on land than at sea, as a significant part of the challenge involved selecting and predicting the optimal route to capture the few gusts of wind along the course. We aimed to stay as close to the coast as possible to seize the potential nighttime thermal winds before our competitors, even at the risk of taking a longer path.”

Matteo Sericano expressed, “The competition is now truly intense, and we are thrilled to hold this prestigious lead, which we will strive to defend until the end. It’s a truly special event that makes each leg of the journey unique, with the beauty of our coastlines and this time, the delightful company of numerous dolphins ready to play with us.”

Yesterday served as a “warm-up” day for the flying classes of WASZP and Wingfoil, as they familiarized themselves with the racing field in Vibo Marina, where the beach acts as a natural grandstand for spectators to closely observe the skills of these young talents.

In the Naples-Vibo Valentia leg, the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 also promoted the “Discover Where You Port” project by ENIT (Italian National Tourism Agency), featuring seventeen itineraries inspired by historical routes. For this leg, the organizing committee chose to overlap certain sections with the Rotta della Sibilla (Route of the Sibyl), a journey to be explored between Nisida and Capo Palinuro, and the Rotta dei Normanni (Route of the Normans) between Sapri and Tropea.

Alongside the competitive activities, the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour’s Race Village is set to welcome passionate audiences with a rich program that includes food, such as the show cooking by chef Giuseppe Romano, and music, including a concert by Mario Venuti.

The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 is organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. and SSI Events with the support of the Marina Militare.

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