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Las VEGAS F1 Track Update

Las VEGAS F1 Track Update

What’s the Las Vegas F1 Track Layout look like? I walk the track and give you a first look at the new paddock, F1’s biggest pit building and of course, Las Vegas’ pit lane. Construction of the circuit is on schedule for the inaugural Las Vegas Formula 1 GP. If you’re going to the 2023 Las Vegas GP or you’re a Formula One fan wanting to know more about the Vegas F1 GP layout, you won’t want to miss my Las Vegas F1 Update. Curious to know more? Keep watching to get an even more detailed look into the Vegas F1 track planning, preparations and construction. I’ll be your guide through the city as we walk the Vegas track layout, exposing the details of each turn, the many and varied track-side hospitality venues and hotels, the various Vegas fan zones and I’ll even give you some tips for ideal viewing spots from which to watch the inaugural Las Vegas F1 grand prix.

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