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Freestyle Pro Tour in Geneva

Freestyle Pro Tour in Geneva


In the women’s battle for the Tow-in Championship, Maaike Huvermann (NED) makes clear that the Title belongs to her. She secured the title by qualifying for the finalIn the final, Huvermann had a healthy lead, which she cemented with the first ever double air rotation done by a woman in this discipline. The dutch rider got rewarded with a perfect ten, which meant that her competitor Lisa Kloster (GER) would take second place.


A one Handed Double Air Funnel gives Sam Esteve (FRA) the last points to secure him the event victory in Geneva. With a total score of 19,38, with 20 being the maximum, there was no more stopping the flying frenchman. Lennart Neubauer (GRE) and Steven Van Broeckhoven (BEL) end up next to Esteve on the podium. Georg Grisley (ENG) was fighting his own battle against Foivos Tsoupras (GER). Both not doing  well during the final, Tsoupras starts on 6th place into the last round. With Grisley on 4th, meaning that as is, he will become European Champion. Tsoupras ends up crashing hard onto his sail and stays on the 6th spot. This makes George Grisley the new 2023 European Tow-in Champion.


Unfortunately, with no suitable conditions in the Foilstyle mixed event window, the final rankings were set based on the results of the EFPT Vieste earlier this year. Yentel Caers performed impeccably there, which meant he now became the official 2023 EFPT Foilstyle ChampionLennart Neubauer came in second with Steven Van Broeckhoven in third.


Top 3 Women Tow-in Geneva Top 3 Men Tow-in Geneva
1| Lisa Kloster (GER) 1| Sam Esteve (FRA)
2| Maaike Huvermann (NED) 2| Lennart Neubauer (GRE)
3| Lucie Honegger 3| Steven van Broeckhoven (BEL)

Top 3 Women Tow-in OVERALL Top 3 Men Tow-in OVERALL
1| Maaike Huvermann (NED) 1| Georg Grisley (ENG)
2| Lisa Kloster (GER) 2| Sam Esteve (FRA)
3| Lucie Honegger 3| Foivos Tsoupras (GER)

Top 3 Foilstyle Mixed
1| Yentel Caers (BEL)
2| Lennart Neubauer (GRE)
3| Steven van Broeckhoven (BEL)

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