Esteve, Huvermann and Grisley Triumph – Day 4 at the 2023 EFPT Geneva

Esteve, Huvermann and Grisley Triumph – Day 4 at the 2023 EFPT Geneva

Sam Esteve (JP/NeilPryde) and Maaike Huvermann (Severne) win the Tow-In finals at the 2023 EFPT Geneva.
Huvermann also backed up her overall ranking score and became the official 2023 European Tow-in Champion.
George Grisley (Duotone) was the big surprise, taking home the 2023 EFPT Tow-in Champion title in the Men’s.
With lots of gnarly crashes, but also perfect 10’s, the fourth day of the event at Tropical Corner was one for the books.

Day 4 Highlights EFPT Geneva 2023
The big question coming into the penultimate day of the event, was about the 2023 European Tow-in title.
In the women’s it was quite clear.
Huvermann had secured the title by qualifying for the final.
In the men however, it was between the tow Duotone riders, Foivos Tsoupras (Duotone/Maui Ultra Fins) and George Grisley.
There was also a minimum possibility for the winner of this event to take it, in case both of the aforementioned riders would become 5th and 6th in the final.
The format got expanded for the finals, with 4 runs (Combo, Regular, Style and Send-it) and 2 moves counting.
The aim was to ensure a show, without giving the riders a reason to play it safe in order to win.
The line-up was stacked and with a lot on the line the action soon started.
First up was the Combo category.
With all riders opting to go without the wave, it was all about chaining moves together.
Multiple pops were on the agenda, and Lennart Neubauer (Starboard/Severne/Maui Ultra Fins) made sure to score well in this category.
The current Freestyle tour leader stomped a perfect Air Funnel into Burner right in front of the crowds.
In parallel with that, Sam Esteve started his winning campaign with a Triple Funnel.
Foivos Tsoupras also made an impression with a more Flaka Shaka like rotation, popping into a third rotation afterwards!
Next up was the Regular round. George Grisley felt the pressure of Tsoupras performing well in the first run, and managed to go for one of the biggest Shove-It Spocks ever seen in competition.
Getting the highest score in this category, the other riders mostly discarded their attempts.
Balz Muller (Severne) did a sick no-handed planing Spock though, and Steven Van Broeckhoven (Starboard/Gunsails) did a Pushloop of which he kept the score towards his total as well.
In the womens final, Maaike Huvermann threw down an incredibly stylish One Handed Culo.
She made sure to have her hand off all the way through, scoring big with the judges.
Lisa Kloster (MB-Boards/Sailloft) answered with what is becoming her signature Tow-in move: the Shaka.
The Style round was most exciting though.
A new addition to the Airstyle format, this category rewarded a stylish approach above all else.
Neubauer impressed with a Cana Brava and Balz Muller (Severne) almost landed a No-Handed Burner.
The twist being that the Swiss rider opted to swap his freestyle board for the foil.
His rotation looked hectic, but he could have made it with a little bit more luck!
The most stylish though? Sam Esteve.
Scoring a perfect 10, the Frenchman did a One Handed Double Air Funnel, adding flare with his hand off fully inverting.
Esteve was now at a total score of 19,38, with 20 being the maximum.
There was no more stopping the flying frenchman, who was now certain of his event victory in Geneva.
With this, the final Send-It round was focused on whom was going to join the frenchman on the podium, and who would take the 2023 European Tow-In title.
First up were the women though.
Huvermann had a healthy lead, which she cemented with the first ever double air rotation done by a woman in this discipline.
The dutch rider got rewarded with a perfect ten, which meant that Kloster would take second place.
The german still gave it all, and attempted a Skopu on her final run.
Not quite making it round, she still went down swinging.
The event and the European rankings were now set, with Lucie Honegger (Severne) completing the podium for the 2023 Women’s European Tow-in Championship.
In the mens it were Lennart Neubauer and Steven Van Broeckhoven who managed to get on the event podium with their Send-it moves.
Both scoring high, with a Double Air Funnel and a Pushloop respectively, they completed the podium next to Esteve.
The battle was now between Tsoupras and Grisley.
Both did not have their best final, with Tsoupras in 6th as the last round started.
Grisley was in 4th, meaning that as is, he would become European Champion.
Anxiously awaiting Foivoses run, who was setting up in Clew First again, the Brit stood on the dock awaiting the results.
Tsoupras did not manage to materialise his run as well as the day before, crashing hard onto his sail.
Not gaining enough points, he kept his 6th spot, resulting in the new 2023 European Tow-in Champion being George Grisley.
Tsoupras had to settle for third in the overall.

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