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EMF EURO 2024- FINAL DAY Highlights

EMF EURO 2024- FINAL DAY Highlights

After 8 days full of excitement, stress, sweat, and tears, both sadness and joy, we have finished with the 2024 European Minifootball Championship. This year’s EMF Euro definitely served all of the values the European Minifootball Federation stands for, participationentertainmentwellbeing, and action. We were able to see incredible matches with breathtaking endings, and most importantly, almost the entire tournament was as unexpected as it could be.

Today, on the 8th of June we had the finals of the EMF Euro 2024. We started off the day with a match for third place between France and Kazakhstan. The result was 7:2 for Kazakhstan, getting them a bronze medal. The last match of the EMF Euro 2024 was between Serbia and Romania, and it was one of the most intense matches so far. The result was 1:1, so the winner was to be decided during the penalty shots. After many amazing goals, Serbia took the win with 11 penalties.

After this incredible match, we went on to the closing ceremony. Kazakhstan was awarded third place, Romania second, and Serbia first. We also gave out individual awards. The best player in the final match was Matija Šegavac from Serbia. The best goal scorer was Rijad Dervišević from Montenegro. The best goalkeeper award went to Kazakhstan’s Aleksandar Rushinas. Lastly, the best player overall was Romanian Mircea Ungur.

The atmosphere was over the roof as all teams were celebrating their amazing achievements. We especially saw this with the team of Serbia and their friends, families, and supporters. EMF Euro 2024 did not disappoint in any aspect. The players and spectators were amazed by the organization and effort put into the championship, and we can only hope that every other will be even better.


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