Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle Kite World Cup Brazil

Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle Kite World Cup Brazil


Brodel’s performance all day was faultless. In the driver’s seat from start to finish the French rider didn’t lose a single heat and in the final, it was no different. As Cauipe delivered conditions all day Charles Brodel was enjoying his time on the water while retaining his World Championship title. In his lead-up to the final, Brodel defeated Maxime-Luan Desjardins (FRA) whilst Alex Soto (DOM) battled it out also against fellow countryman Joselito Del Rosario (DOM) in a Dominican showdown.

During the final Charles Brodel displayed style with ease, as with the high tide the conditions made it challenging for all riders to comfortably land their tricks. Brodel opened up his account with a Kiteloop Front Roll while Soto went for a Kiteloop Board Off. Soto then went in first with a nicely executed Contraloop Front Roll scoring a 5.25, but the world champion instincts in Brodel answered back with a big Kiteloop Board off which hit home a 6.30. After a couple of crashes from both riders and a kite change from Charles Brodel, it all came down to the final tricks. Alex Soto went for Innovation scoring the highest trick of the heat with a 6.63. The pressure was on Charles Brodel to deliver and he did with a 6.57 Front Roll Board Off.

An exciting final from start to finish which had it all. The crowd on the beach were witnessing a thrilling final but in the end, the man of the moment within this division continues to be Charles Brodel.

Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle Kite World Cup Brazil 2023 results

1 Charles Brodel (FRA)
2 Alex Soto (DOM)
3 Joselito Del Rosario (DOM)
4 Maxime-Luan Desjardins (FRA)

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