China GT 2023 – Zhengzhou

China GT 2023 – Zhengzhou

Amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the fans throughout the event, the opening match of the 2023 China GT Championship ended successfully at the newly completed Zhengzhou International Circuit.
China GT, MINTIMES GP KTM X-BOW CUP, and FOC Formula Open Challenge will co-star in the three major events, pushing the grand weekend belonging to the Zhengzhou International Racing Carnival to a new high.
The second round final of the new season of China GT started at noon.
Liang Hanzhao, the No°488 driver of the home team Harmony Racing, drove the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 to another victory, ending the trip to the Central Plains with a complete victory.
The status of the Landsail Motorsport team in the GTC class is still unshakable.
The No°68 driver Liang Jiahong has won consecutive victories; the GT4 class RSR GT Racing driver Jiang Ruxi scored twice, becoming another double winner this weekend.

GT3 group – Liang Hanzhao shows his edge again
On the afternoon of July 2nd, the second round of China GT Zhengzhou race officially started!
Liang Hanzhao once again led the car team to rush to the first corner of the track.
After the start of the race, the powerful Harmony Racing driver took the lead and immediately took control of the field, driving the “blue and white porcelain” painted prancing horse chariot to attack all the way to victory.
Liang Hanzhao, who led the whole race, once again achieved the “Grand Slam” performance of winning pole position, leading every lap and winning the championship at the Zhengzhou International Circuit, leaving a perfect record in this race that is enough to be recorded in history.
The No°69 Xia Yu/Xu Linyan of The Winning Team raced steadily and finished the race as runner-up.

GTC group – Leung Ka Hung wins double champion
Liang Jiahong from the Landsail Motorsport team rebounded strongly after experiencing a spin, overwhelming brothers Lu Weirui/Xie Jiaxing and teammate Hu Shiguang to win two consecutive victories in the GTC class.
Pan Jiaxing from the same team and Lu Yan from the Beijing 300+ team also scored points won fourth and fifth.
At the beginning of the race, Lu Yan broke through the defense of the Landsail Motorsport team in succession to reach the second place in the race and the first position in the group.
Afterwards, the Lu Weirui/Xie Jiaxing team performed better and took over the lead.
In the middle of the competition, Liang Jiahong once made a mistake in the fierce battle and lost time, but he quickly recovered and picked up the rhythm to catch up.
In the end, he won the competition in the team and won the group championship.

GT4 group – Jiang Ruxi copied the success
In the GT4 category, Cao Qikuan, the driver of The Winning Team, attacked quickly after the start.
He immediately fought with Jiang Ruxi who started from pole position and overtook him.
However, due to the failure of the car’s braking system, Cao Qikuan had to return to the maintenance area for repairs.
Jiang Ruxi easily returned to the group first, and maintain the lead until the end.
Cao Qikuan persisted to the end after the car was repaired and finished the race as the runner-up in the group.
Yang Zhiyi, who returned to the China GT field, won the third place in the group with the help of the Beijing 300+ team.
Feng Zhiqiang and Shang Zongyi, also from The Winning Team, finished fourth and fifth in the group respectively.
After the passionate competition, the opening match of China GT Zhengzhou came to a successful ending.
Let us look forward to the arrival of the next event together!

Photo & Text Credits: China GT

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