Belgrade CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship – Day 3: Static Apnea

Belgrade CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship – Day 3: Static Apnea

On Day 3 of this World Championship, on July 8th, the day started with the discipline of static apnea in which athletes are required to hold their breath underwater for as long as possible while remaining still, face down in the water.
Once again, the competition started with the junior athletes, followed by the seniors and then the masters.

In the Juniors and Masters category the results are:

Female Junior:
1. Charline Augustine-Lucile (FRA) with 05:00.84
2. Sabine Manz Romero (ECU) with 04:40.47
3. Derinsu Sirin Silli (TUR) with 04:17.27

Male Junior:
1. Franscesco Tovaglieri (ITA) with 05:18.05
2. Florent Vecchio (FRA) with 05:16.57
3. Pierre Bouquet (FRA) with 05:13.92

In the Master category the results are as follows:

In the Female Masters category:

1. Laurence Gueguen (FRA) with 07:03.11
2. Catherine Glon (FRA) with 06:36.92
3. Sandra Zuvela (CRO) with 05:27.34

1. Ute Weinrich (GER) with 04:08.69
2. Marina Olivieri (ITA) with 04:03.49
3. Leila El Hakima (ALG) with 03:21.29

Hannelore Becker (GER) with 03:05.12

In the Male Masters category:

1. Jean Vinceneux (FRA) with 08:24.40
2. Viacheslav Shevchenko (CMAS1) with 07:12.81
3. Dmitrii Mazepin (CMAS1) with 07:08.47

1. Rodolfo Robatti (SUI) with 06:00.55
2. Edmund Uwe (GER) with 05:16.04
3. Frederik Maire (AUS) with 05:09.24

1. Aldo Cacco (ITA) with 04:47.74
2. Tokyo Nagakiyo (JPN) with 04:19.82
3. Christophe Dromard (FRA) with 04:15.04

For the female senior category, World Champion is Heike Schwerdtner from Germany who won the gold medal with a performance of 08:51.03.
Silver medal went to Yuriko Ichihara from Japan for her 07:28.11 and in the third place is Natalia Domashenko from Serbia with 07:01.60.
In the male senior category, Vladimir Pogrebenko (Cmas1) won the gold medal and World Champion title with a performance of 08:58.95, followed by Aleksandr Maksimov (Cmas1) who won the silver medal for his time of 08:54.45.
Third place and bronze medal went to Garikoitz Urkola from Spain with a time of 08:22.23.
Congratulations to all athletes for their performances!!

Text Credits: CMAS
Photo Credits: CMAS
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