Belgrade CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship – Day 2: Dynamic with BiFins

Belgrade CMAS World Freediving Indoor Championship – Day 2: Dynamic with BiFins

Yesterday, July 7th, was the discipline of DYN-BF (dynamic with Bifins), which is the most popular discipline of all, with the highest number of athletes competing.
The competition started with the junior category, followed by the seniors and then the Masters category.

For the junior and masters category the results are the following:

For Junior Females:
1. Charline Augustin-Lucile (FRA) 180,00m
2. Sabine Manz Romero (ECU), 156,50M
3. Valentina Paglione (ITA), 148,00m

For Junior Males:
1. Nida Murathan Bulut (TUR), 176,50m
2. Pierre Bouquet (FRA), 150,00m
3. Mohamnad Hossein Zarei (IRA), 129,50m

For Master Female:

1. Silvia Pozzi (ITA), 200,00m
2. Ludmilla Eimer (GER), 168,50m
3. Sandra Zuvela (CRO), 150,00m

1. Claire Paris (USA), 158,50m WR
2. Ute Weinrich (GER), 135,00m
3. Marina Olivieri (ITA), 118,50m

Hannelore Becker (GER), 99,50m

For Master Male:

1. Grzegorz Mucha (POL), 226,50m WR
2. Vladimir Amvrosov (CMAS 1), 225,50m
3. Emile Castelnuovo (ITA), 206,50m

1. Francesco Franceschinis (ITA), 164,50m WR
2. Frederic Maire (AUS), 158,00m
3. Roberto Reggi (ITA), 145,00m

1. Christophe Dromard (FRA), 108,00m
2. Sergei Porollo (CMAS 1), 86,50m

For the female senior category, World Champion this year is once again Magdalena Solich-Talanda from Poland who won the gold medal with a performance of 262,50m, followed by Mirela Kardasevic from Croatia who is Vice Champion and winner of the silver medal with her dive to 260,00m.
In the third place winning the bronze medal is Livia Bregonzio from Italy with a 248,50m dive, also a World Record for Masters M1 category.
In the male senior category, Mateuzs Malina from Poland won the gold medal and is the New World Champion with a dive to 285,50m.
Second place and silver medal for Mauro Generali also from Italy who performed a 275,50m dive, and third place and bronze medal went to Guillaume Bourdila of France with his dive to 274,50m.
Congratulations to all athletes for their performances!

Text Credits: CMAS
Photo Credits: CMAS
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